With another big re-railing effort planned for later this week, today saw lots of material distributed and rails bolted together in preparation.

The day began with the dropping out of more sleeper plates, another pallet load to complement Friday’s drop out turned out to be about the perfect amount to achieve the 33 80lb rails were hoping to get in this week.

As previously the rails were bolted into strings of 3. Overall a fairly easy job but one that felt a bit like hard work as the day warmed up.

At the end of bolting up the strings Clive admires the last of the handiwork. We’ve achieved 11 strings to make the 33 rails, which should make for fairly quick going later in the week.

In addition to the plates and bolting up, dogspikes were distributed and the steel sleepers had their fastenings removed in readiness.

We’re hoping to have enough bodies to get a bit more done tomorrow to really speed things up. But any additional help on Thursday and Friday would be greatly appreciated.

Meeting Maldon 8am or on site from 8.30am.

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