More Sleepers

It was actually 5 sleepers that still needed changing and 3 fishplates, all of which we managed in good time today. The final count of Yesterday’s sleepers was an even 80.

As part of a transfer train that was running today, we’ve unloaded 176 concrete sleepers lineside near Sawmill Rd, in readiness for re-railing the next section. It’s not often we’re 6 months ahead in these things… it feels very organised!

It was a very attractive looking works train, complete with Z van!

The afternoon was spent doing exciting jobs, like collecting the last of the jewellery and breaking up the 60lb rails that were dangling from Farmers and Walmer Road Bridges. We also spent some time stockpiling old timber sleepers and tidying up lineside in readiness for a flail mow over the coming weeks.

We’ve really only got a tamping pass and a ballast drop to go and we’ll have this section more or less complete, which will probably occur in around a fortnight.

At this stage, the exact task that we’ll be up to on Tuesday is a little uncertain, so check back on Monday evening for details. Likely we’ll all be meeting at Maldon from 8am.

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