Bridge Beam

Unfortunately no pictures from today, however we did achieve quite a bit, with the new beam for Sawmill Rd bridge delivered to site, the temporary steel support beam has been slewed into position and the necessary bolts loosened and freed up ready for a quick change over on Thursday.

We then set about tightening up the bolts we hadn’t quite got around to yet on Walmer Rd Bridge, which was a nice easy job given the low height of the bridge.

The afternoon was spent having a massive tidy up in the compound area at Maldon, with all the junk taken to the appropriate scrap or rubbish piles, any non civil items placed in more suitable locations and overgrowth trimmed back, giving us far more usable space.

Thursday’s gang will meet at Maldon at 8am then at Sawmill Rd Bridge from 8.30am. Friday is unlikely to be a workday due to an external factor keeping a few of the regulars away, so if you were thinking of coming on Friday, you’d be most welcome on Thursday instead.

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