We took the opportunity of having a full ballast wagon on hand to tend to a couple of drops today. The first drop was near the site of an old trestle bridge, filled in many decades ago, but as they always do, any remaining timber buried below is now decaying and causing the ground the settle a little.

The second drop was on the site of Yesterday’s work.

After a good lift, tamp and tidyup, it came up looking very smart.

The other site also received the same attention, with a good 2 to 3 inch lift being required, but it certainly looks very smart and rides fantastically now.

We also made use of a works train to drop out sleepers at Pipeline crossing ready for an upcoming rebuild there.

Next week however, we’ll switch our focus to bridges. We had been waiting on a delivery of timber for Sawmill Road, however that’s now on hand. Tuesday we’ll meet at Maldon at 8am, to begin conveying equipment and materials to site ready for Thursday.

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