Bridge Beam

In an now well practised tradition, today saw us replace another inner bridge beam, this time at Sawmill Road.

We used the temporary steel C section method once again and we’ve now got this method down to only around half a day, and apart from jacking, there’s almost no manual handling.

Thankfully we were able to get the big digger close enough to the works.

Once out, this was the state of the old beam.

Before long the new beam has been profiled to the right shape and trimmed to exact length.

We’re now quite skilled at forking in the beams and then with a simple flick of the forks, they’re rolled up onto their edge and pushed into position.

A view of the new beam in, while the steel beam packed up giving clearance to the decking still sits beside.

As this method requires us to take out the outter beam also, we took the opportunity to add in some extra termite treatment.

Unfortunately no images of the finished product, however from the outside, it looks identical to the before pics. It was another very successful day.

There won’t be a workday tomorrow, however on Tuesday we’ll be back in Maldon, meeting there from 8am.

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