Small Gang

We had planned to get stuck into more resleepering at Curve 21 today. However last night’s wild weather had other plans for us.

While our railway hasn’t been directly effected, it did prevent our volunteers from reaching us, from trees blocking roads to power outages causing alarms not to go off.

So with only two of us, we inspected our track for any down trees or weather damage, of which we suffered none thankfully.

We did still manage a good start at installing a few more sleepers into curve 21, with 23 inserted under the track and 12 of them clipped up. (there’s was a photo but the wonders of modern technology seem to have hidden it somewhere in the ether…)

So tomorrow’s gang, which will hopefully be bigger than today’s, will see another 40 or so sleepers installed and today’s efforts finished off. We’ll be meeting at Maldon at 8am, or near Bendigo Rd from 8.15am.

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