Odd Jobs

Today’s tasks included correcting the only major issue identified between Maldon and Muckleford in last week’s inspection. We had 4 failing sleepers at a joint that were allowing the gauge to widen. But now that we’ve installed 4 concrete sleepers that won’t be an issue!

This wasn’t the end of the works, but it is the end of the pictures, it turns out that a flat mobile phone won’t take pictures.

We then moved to Castlemaine, where an additional 4 concretes were installed in 3 siding, where another cluster of sleepers were allowing very wide gauge. Those two tasks have ticked off the big issues found during the track inspection.

While in Castlemaine, we unbolted the north end of the turntable road and lifted that section of track. We still need to collect up the sleepers, level the roadbed and have the new track location pegged out.

Next week is looking interesting weather wise, so check in Monday night for any details of a Tuesday workday.

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