Track Inspection

Today saw us begin our detailed 6 monthly track inspection.

We’ve walked from Maldon to Sawmill Road, having rectified most issues we found and finding only very minor faults, a great thing given the amount of work that’s gone in.

We got to check out the hive of activity at Bendigo, the civil contractors are busily installing everything below the ground for the flashing lights.

The mast bases and cabinet slab are in, so are all the conduits. Meaning the important electrical components can be installed shortly. The best part of this project is it’s managed by V/Line, so for once we can largely just stand back and watch!

We took it in turns to push the horrid rolling track gauge! But it is certainly a good machine to check gauge everywhere, with one small exception (a couple of failing timber sleepers) there was nothing found to cause any alarm, all going well this will be fixed before the next train anyhow.

We took the opportunity of the big gang to remidy any faults found, largely loose bolts and in a few locations past Muckleford, outer metal biscuits were installed as the nearby timber was starting to hint it wasn’t going to hold gauge for much longer.

Overall though, we’re happy with the initial findings and when the lockdown situation is under control we’ll get back and finish off to Castlemaine, although we’re not expecting to mind any surprises.

Given the latest Covid Lockdown, tomorrow’s workday will be cancelled, however check back next week to see if Tuesday is a goer or not.

Enjoy a safe and happy lockdown!

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