Concrete Sleepers

We had a few concrete sleepers to install around Bendigo Road for the upcoming flashing light installation. While we had all the gear in the area, we tackled a bit more of re-sleepering Curve 21.

The plan has changed slightly for how the insulated joints will be installed, so we’ve installed a few more concrete sleepers to help make the process much quicker and easier.

While we were working on the UP side of the crossing we reached a very big milestone! The 4000th concrete sleeper has been installed as part of our Track Upgrade Project.

We set the target of 4000 concrete sleepers and 2000 timber / steel sleepers as part of the funding, we’ve now ticked off the 4000 concretes, with 200 timber / steel left to go to reach the 2000. Those last 200 will look very much like concrete sleepers however, as we’ve now got adequate stocks of concrete and we’d be mad to use timber when concrete is available.

After the insulated joint areas had been completed, it was into installing another 35 concrete sleepers into curve 21. The height we’ve jacked the track to allow the taller concrete sleepers under is quite evident!

They’re pretty big these particular sleepers, but this method proved to work very well. 1 in 3 timber sleepers were left spiked up to help keep the gauge and line of the curve, then the track jacked and old timber swapped for concrete.

With a good tamp and appropriate tamping of the existing track to match the new height, it looks pretty snazzy. We’re quite short on Ballast here now, but once we’ve completed more of the curve we’ll drop out a train load and get it looking very smart.

Next Tuesday we’ll be running a train through to Castlemaine to drop off materials for the next few jobs there. Meeting Maldon 8am.

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