Two sides down and just the ends to go now!

Here Mal helps showcase the scale of the new workshop under construction in the background.

After working out exactly what we needed to achieve, we set about lifting off the timbers and getting on with the grouting.

And in no time, we were into applying the grout. I’m not sure we’ll make brickies just yet, but we got the job done.

This side took no time compared to the other side, amazing what a bit of practise can do.

The lap joins were coach screwed down, while this probably isn’t necessary, it’ll help keep everything in alignment until the rails are fixed on top. Given the recessed nuts, having the joins over a bolt would have mean for a very thin section of timber to use to secure the timbers down, with way should prove stronger in the long term.

And it did come up looking very snazzy.

After morning tea, it was into getting some more of the 2nd turntable track in place.

Unfortunately these concrete sleepers are a much older style and while still perfectly good sleepers, the clips are hard to get on and things just don’t go as smoothly as with the new style sleepers. But it’s a perfect location to use them as they’ll need little to no attention for a very very long time.

The last few pandrol plates at the end of the turnout were also installed, completing the turnout.

We’ve added a bit of ballast and given it a very rough pack. It’s starting to come together and by tomorrow we hope to have this more or less completed to final height to allow for relocation of the gates to enlarge the secure area.

Tomorrow, we’ll be meeting at Castlemaine, by the loco shed from around 8.15am. However, we’re not sure what access will be like while the shed is being erected, so parking down at the station and walking up may be more appropriate.

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