We watched a big shed go up today. This is the last of for major structures to go up as part of the project, so an end is in sight.

We started the day off by cutting a nice straight 4.2m point timber into 2 2.1m pit timbers. These are for the end pieces, which we will install on Tuesday during the predicted rain.

In the afternoon we did a few odd jobs, one of which was extending the 2nd turntable road by another couple of rail lengths.

We also cleaned and lubricated several of the turnouts, tidied up our worksites and pulled the hi-rail gear off the back of the takeuchi, so it can receive some maintenance.

Tuesday next week we’ll be in the locoshed finishing the pit timbers, meeting there from 8am.

Thursday and Friday we’ll be undertaking our detailed track inspection, for which we’ll be meeting at Maldon at 8am.

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