First rails in

Today was a busy one, with both junction rails installed on the UP side of the level crossing.

They ended up being a fairly easy install given all the lokspiking done in the previous week. We’ve even begun installing concrete sleepers, 8 so far, 6 under what will become the insulated joint and two to support the joint at the up end.

We did learn a few tricks, one being it is much easier to install the pandrol adaptors while the old rail is out but before the new goes in.

We also found that giving everything a light tamp helps greatly in clipping up, not a great surprise, but it was worth the extra effort.

It’s a bit hard to see what we’ve done, but it does mark the first lengths of rail recovered from the Guildford track being install, which is exciting!

This photos shows the kink which we’ll remove during the rebuild.

So it’s just all this to go now! It’s all looking very do-able by Friday. Maybe a couple of loose ends to tidy up next week, but the bulk will be behind us.

We’ll have a small crew on site from 8am tomorrow, attending to a few jobs we just didn’t get time to do today, feel free to join us.

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