Bendigo Rd Preparations

A few more preparations at Bendigo Road today, with the last of the lokspikes installed, junction rails dragged into place etc…

It’s all starting to take shape, hopefully next week we’ll be in a position to not only rebuild the crossing, but complete the installation of these junction rails, or maybe that’s being a little over-optimistic, hopefully we can though.

A rogue limb from the large gum tree on Maldon Station came down some time last night. Believe it or not, the limb missed the station sign, bench seat, fence, lamp and garden bed plants! The big digger promptly grabbed the limb and placed it aside before it could fall any further. We’ll get an Arborist in next week to check this tree out as this is the biggest but certainly not the first limb to fall and we probably won’t be so lucky next time!

Next week we’ll be all systems go at Bendigo Road. Tuesday well meet at Maldon at 8am, then onto the crossing where we will do the final touches and begin any works that we can to speed up Thursday and Friday.

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