Bridge Beam

Today saw the only urgent bridge repair attended to, an inner beam on for down end of Winters Flat Bridge.

These abutment beams are a little longer than usual as they slightly cantilever past the last peir, which makes getting the old out and the new in just that bit more fun!

But we managed it. By lifting the outer beam and hence the deck, enough space is left to roll the old beam on it’s side then with some delicate excavator work the beam is skewed and dropped down. Getting replacement in was almost the reverse process, just a bit more tricky given the new beam is a little thicker.

A few bolts still to be installed after a few holes are drilled, that’ll now be Thursday’s job. Tomorrow we’ll make use of the small gang to cut some lineside grass and gets some more flail mowing done, as it’s growing very quickly after the recent downpour!

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