Loco Shed

4 siding received it’s final tweaking today, removing the last of a dip and bringing it up level with 3 siding.

The end result is pretty good. Some of our best track is now in sidings.

But the majority of today was spent getting stuck into building the loco shed centre road. The curves required for entry were stringlined, centre line pegs were installed and sleeper spacings marked out.

108 full profile concrete sleepers were distributed along side.

And we even found enough time to lay out about half of them, it’s starting to look really good and after we’ve dropped on the rails on Tuesday it’ll look very smart.

We’ll be using a gravel ballast through this whole area to safe on expensive ballast and to as the whole area will end up largely filled, it should provide a more uniform finish.

Another successful week, with next week looking just as promising! Meeting at Castlemaine from 8.15 on Tuesday.

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