Loco Shed

Well after a busy day today, the centre track into the loco shed is more or less complete (the building it part anyway).

Some more material dropping out yesterday saw all gang arrive today to this view, all the sleepers out and the rail roughly dropped in position.

By morning tea however, all that was bolted together and clipping up was well underway.

We’ve built a temporary track over the pit, mainly as this is the quickest way of setting our levels for the track off the pit and it gives us somewhere to work from when it comes to fitting timber to the next pit over.

It’s looking pretty snazzy, there is a little bit of lining to do, but very little, that’s the benefit of having it all pegged out before we started.

Building track with 80/94lb rail and concrete sleepers is a essentially a mechano big set, in comparison to working with timber! It’s still a bit of hard work but nothing like drilling holes and driving dog spikes.

We’re not quite done here, so Thursday will be back here from 8.15am to tie up all the loose ends and mark a brief start on the ballasting and lifting.

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