4 siding Castlemaine

Well after a very successful day, we’ve now got 4 siding connected back up to the carriage shed and available for use.

Reconnecting the track was quite straight forward, with the sleepers already laid out. It was just a case of finding rail and joining everything up.

And here’s proof that it is in fact trafficable!

We made use of the ballast train and left over ballast from Wednesday to complete the ballast drop. Which we did in stages to allow for the big lift required.

Lots of jacking, levelling, lining and tamping followed, getting this bit of track looking very nice.

We’re not quite finished yet, with another small ballast drop needed to finish off the very middle followed by about an inch lift to get it perfect.

Our next project, the construction of track into the loco shed, is also well in hand, with the earthworks now completed ready for track laying to begin tomorrow.

Meeting Castlemaine yard from 8.15am.

2 thoughts on “4 siding Castlemaine

  1. Great work there Will and crew . I feel guilty stuck down here in Covid Capital unable to break the blockade . I still remember ballasting Winters Flat bridge when we first replaced the rails on it. Cheers Graham



  2. Fantastic work, you guys will have a brand new railway ready to go on the other side of Covid! I never expected in the early days of working on K160 at Castlemaine that one day the loco shed would be rebuilt there.


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