Big Pile

Today’s job was sorting this pile of fastenings! It’s all the left over material from V/Line’s recent sleeper renewals where they replaced all timber in the mainline with concrete.

We have been given access to the pile to collect used pandrol clips and clip in shoulders (to convert standard sleeper plates to pandrol plates).

To ensure we maintained a safe distance from V/Line trains, we erected an appropriate temporary fence.

Once the edge of the pile had been sorted, the digger was called upon to drag that material clear.

Thankfully the pile is large, so maintaing a social distance is very easy and is also the most efficient way to attack the pile.

All of the material in the foreground has been sorted with the behind pile being the working face.

By the end of the day, we’d filled 16 drums and moved them over to our yard. We’re just over half way through the pile, which is an amazing effort, hopefully with a similar effort tomorrow we won’t need to return next week.

Big thankyou to V/Line for making this surplus material available.

We’ll be back here tomorrow (near the old goods shed), entry via Kennedy Street Castlemaine, meeting around 8am. Any extra hands extremely welcome!

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