Odd jobs

Today saw us successful complete the sorting of the enormous pile of fastenings in Castlemaine yard. Overall we did very well, getting close to the figure of items we were given access to. We fell short by a a couple of thousand pandrol clips, however 16000 is still a pretty good number! (another 4000 sleepers at least)

Once we’d tidied up the V/Line site, our attention was turned to the new track in the Carriage Shed.

It required a significant lift and level, but the end result is quite pleasing. We’ll probably need to revisit this in due course once it’s had a bit of traffic over it.

We simply squeezed the gravel into the voids of the steel sleepers with the grabs rather than with the tamping head, time will tell if this ends up with a better result but we are very confident this method has done an excellent job of filling the voids with gravel, which is half of the battle with steel sleepers.

A rough scrape of the gravel has left it better than before for shunting of trains, we’ll still add more gravel in due course but for now it’ll work perfectly for storing rolling stock.

The rest of this week will be concrete sleepering near Winters Flat Bridge, meeting on site around 8.30am.

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