Carriage shed Castlemaine

The day started fairly cold, but with a stunning sunrise over Maldon Town.

Today was all about transferring materials to Castlemaine for the carriage shed track and for the up coming re-sleepering during the V/line shutdown.

A quick stop at Muckleford to grab the rest of our train and we were all set to head into the big smoke of Castlemaine.

The blank canvas as it appeared this morning, a massive shed with a few carriages somewhere far in the distance!

The reason for the carriage was mainly as it needed turning to allow the painting to continue. Also made for a good travelling lounge.

However… We had everything on site ready to go when the excavator blew the smallest hydraulic hose, in the hitch head unfortunately making it completely inoperable. We lost about an hour to that but thankfully Bazz had a spare on hand.

Meanwhile the rails were marked for sleeper spacing, we went with a 700mm spacing nominally, really just as we do expect the heaviest possible axle loads to travel over these rails at some point in the future.

Once back on line we wasted no time in unloading material and beginning construction.

A little levelling to fill a hole was need, then we were into it. The pic gives a good perspective of shed size.

Rails were towed in (we were too lazy to open the correct doors, lucky rail is very flexible).

Sleepers were dropped out and pandrol adaptors installed.

At which point the rails were then lifted into their approximate place.

The Johns supervising the achievement of correct rail gap.

By knock off everything was more or less ready for clipping up, with 1 in 4 sleepers clipped up one end. With Clive looking proud of the days efforts.

Not a bad days work considering we didn’t really get into it until after lunch.

We even got to enjoy a very comfortable train ride back to Maldon, a very nice way to round out the day.

Tomorrow we’ll be staring at Castlemaine around 7.45am, we should get the track fully clipped up tomorrow and hopefully we can make a good start on the next.

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