The big wet!

What started out as a very productive day of dogging up sleepers, turned very wild and wooly, fast.

Before the storm however, we did manage to fasten up the majority of the sleepers up the straight, with only about 40 sleepers on one leg to go next week.

Unfortunately we ran into some trouble with the tamper, but while trackside assistance remedied the issue, the grabs deputised for lifting ready for drilling and boxing up duties.

It was very wet though, with one nearby property reporting 37mm of rain in an hour! A nice change to the hot dry of summer.

The storm was obviously very localised as the section near Pipeline Crossing has had the drains scoured, thankfully with no damage to the track.

There will be some drain cleaning required over the next few weeks to ensure we can handle a similar event should it occur.

Monday & Tuesday next week (possibly Wed if needed) will be at Newport Workshops, working on the Turntable. Start time for Monday will be a lesurly midday at the workshops, where as Tuesday will be normal time at the workshops.

Thursday and Friday we’ll be back out working on more sleepers.

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