After a few days of replacing sleepers, we’ve inserted 150 from Muckleford to the start of curve 15.

So far only around half have been spiked up, but they’ll get a good tamp tomorrow and there’s nothing that will prevent any trains running this weekend.

It started out as a very mild and incredibly pleasant morning… It did get very muggy by afternoon tea so we decide we’d done enough hard graft.

Bruce again showing us the advantages in being tall and strong when it comes to using the spike puller.

Malcolm has become the expert on inserting sleeper plates and marking up the new sleepers for drilling.

He’s also become very good at using our new plate hooks to remove sleeper plates while the digger lifts the rail. This method saves a lot of time and work.

The digger and very versatile new grabs made the changes very effortless. They’re great for removing plates, the old timber, cleaning out and re-inserting. Not to mention being able to squeeze up to allow for drilling and spiking.

They’ve proved a big winner, all we need now is to win the lotto so we can have a dedicated set on either digger (rather than swapping them over now as we do).

Tomorrow will be back here, tamping up the 150 installed and spiking up what we can before the rain (due early afternoon). Meeting Maldon 8am or site 8.15am.

One thought on “Sleepers

  1. Good to see the proper weight of rail. I remember my first ride on VGR years ago and I’d never been on 60lb rail before, as we came round the bend off the Maryborough line and onto the branch I remember thinking the K is going to break all this flimsy rail! Thankfully it didn’t but good to see it going going gone.


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