Rail Recovery


Another big day of rail moving, with 6 lengths towed up to the next crossing and several more towed to about half way.


The morning saw us effecting some temporary repairs to a few sections of wide gauge. We simply pinched some reasonable sleepers from the already dismantled sections to replace the failed ones.


We even have this mighty heat buckle to contend with! We’ve installed 4 sleepers throughout it to ensure it holds gauge. While the diggers are still happy to negotiate it (which they both do quite well), we don’t think it’s worth the effort to fix.

We’ll be taking Monday off (Public Holiday), back into it on Tuesday and Wednesday though, however Thursday will be back at Castlemaine installing the handrail on the wall and breaking up old 60lb rail (weather permitting). Friday next week will be a day off due to a few people being away.

Tuesday’s crew will leaving Maldon around 8am or meet on site (Yapeen) at 8.30am.



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