Rail Recovery

The first crossing, over which we dragged around 2.9km of rail today.

This is the Yapeen – Vaughan Springs Rd, very near to the Midland Hwy.

With all the rail past this point free and ready to come across the crossing, we enlisted some traffic management and set to it!

The big digger proved it’s worth almost instantly, being the weapon of choice.

(even a little video to show off)

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the rail through the crossings was removed a few years ago. The down side was every rail dragged required getting off and on as the crossing was too wide to just reach over.

We began the day with our fancy rollers to protect the road… Then by accident discovered that a sleeper either side of the roadway was far easier.

All the rail and the sled have been moved across the crossing. There was actually only about 40 lengths of rail, but when they’re 80m long each it soon adds up to a lot of rail.

We also had the little digger dragging rail away from the crossing up the next hill, but the wet weather and lower grunt made it a little less practical.

Tomorrow will be another rail towing day, up towards the next crossing, another 1.5kms ish. It’ll require a bit of track work to ensure gauge will hold. Meeting Maldon at 7.45am or site from 8.15am (Yapeen Crossing).

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