Concrete Sleepers


Another day and another 114 concrete sleepers installed.



Given the amount of time we’ve had to put into the new retaining wall at Castlemaine, we haven’t had much preparation time for this job. However we did have plenty of timber sleepers from the previous straight to bundle up.

This kept the gang busy while the first 60 odd concretes were inserted.


The stacks are all located conveniently track-side for later moving with the excavator to a stack that we can then side load onto a train.



We’re starting to get the hang of these new grabs, which is proving to really speed up the operation. We can’t quite keep ahead of the clipping up crew but it’s not far off it now.


Scarifier and digger hard at work, with the clipping up (hidden by the shrubbery) hot on their heels.


The new grabs are proving to be far gentler on the concrete, with little to no damage. Something which the old grabs weren’t always that good at.

We’ve only got another 60 concretes track-side to install tomorrow, which by today’s efforts should only be a morning’s work! Meeting Maldon 7.45am or on site from 8.15am. This will be the last re-sleepering for 2019 so why not join us.


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