Last Concretes for 2019

Another very successful day, with 60 more concrete sleepers installed and all tamped up.

These 60 were comparatively easy, compared to yesterday’s 114 given the very shallow cutting and no high embankments.

We had such a turnout of helpers from the Middleton Prison that we had all the sleepers in and clipped up well before lunch.

To keep the gang busy after lunch we replaced the 27 life expired timber sleepers in this section, giving us a very good strong track.

An excellent way to round off the re-sleepering program for 2019.

It’s not quite the Christmas break yet, next week will still be a normal week, being the completion of the retaining wall at Castlemaine. If the extreme temperatures forecast allow us! -watch this space.

Tuesday morning will be the completion of the detailed track inspection, we’ve only got about 1.5km to go, so feel free to join us from 8am at Maldon.

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