Retaining Wall – Castlemaine


Well after two very long and hard days, we now have all the uprights in place and braced ready for a concrete pour.


The retaining wall we’re constructing is to separate the access road from the new engine shed, which has a significant height difference.

We’re keeping in a very typical railway style, making it all from old rail.


The uprights are spaced at 1200mm centres, with extras around the service trenches where wider spans were required. A total of 41 posts all up – all very heavy and hard to handle!

We employed a fairly simple system of running a length of level 60lb rail along the bottom, to which the 80lb uprights (due their increased strength) were then welded vertically and in turn braced ready for a concrete pour around the uprights. The welding was all thanks to Bazz.


The end result is very impressive! It’ll easily be the best all rail retaining wall on the Railway! The concrete pour should be tomorrow, allowing a week for hardening, before we install the longitudinal rails and back-filling.

Tomorrow and Friday will be a few more Concrete Sleepers in Tangent 8-9, meeting Maldon 8am or site from 8.30am.

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