Works Train


Well to round out our odd job week, we ran a very odd looking works train to Castlemaine. The purpose of which was to deliver prepared (cut to length) rails to construct a retaining wall required as part of the earthworks near the new engine shed.


The opportunity was also taken to transfer a carriage to the shed at Castlemaine. The day did however require a fair amount of shunting at all three stations.


Once at Castlemaine with our two wagons loaded with rail for the retaining wall safely secured past the turntable, our attention was turned to putting the carriage in the shed.

This involved pulling out the 3 Y classes that arrived on our railway last weekend – currently living in the shed. We suspect this is a first time in a few years 4 Y classes have been coupled together.


Two of the Y classes are for long term storage, however one (Y157) is very close to being a usable loco (albeit requiring a bit of body work and a paint) and as such we made use of the occupation to transfer this loco to Maldon for the workshops to begin work on its re-activation.

This loco will help alleviate our total dependence on Y133 during the summer months, as well as offering greater flexibility when it comes time to running the hundreds of upcoming ballast, sleeper and rail trains.

Tuesday next week will be works in at Castlemaine, with the start of the retaining wall. It will be an interesting exercise, all welcome. Meet Maldon 8am or site from 8.30am

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