Part 2

Despite the high tech system of concrete sleeper installation we now employ, sometimes we just can’t help driving a dogspike by hand!

We were actually replacing any failed timber sleepers that weren’t part of the 1 in 3 replacements. Only 11 of these in this section, with the concrete cycle managing to elimate the majority of the life expired timber.

We did however also manage an additional 30 concretes today, which takes us just over the crest of this hill, a good effort in this awkward cutting (they’re all bad but this one always seems awkward to work in)

It started to again resemble a railway once we’d scraped up the ballast.

There was some pre-existing poor geometry towards the crossing, which was jacked and tamped as part of the works.

Despite needing a drop of ballast, the job came up looking quite smart.

Once this has all settled and we’ve managed to drop out some rock we’ll probably need to return to lift out a few drips and hopefully straighten a few wiggles.

It’s still a big improvement over before!

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