More Concrete Sleepers

Another 50ish (forgot to count) sleepers installed into tangent 8-9 today.

We even used the opportunity to start some ‘on track’ excavator training of one of our regulars, he started slow with the tamping head and by lunch time had a very good grasp of the beast.

The short section between Sawmill Rd and the bridge was tackled first.

Then working up the hill towards Castlemaine.

Screw and spike pulling kept the front gang busy, while the mechanical help got enough sleepers under to allow the gang to return and clip up.

Not a bad effort in the rather slow and awkward condtions of the cutting and around the roadway.

Tomorrow will see us out of the cutting, with tamping and some additional lifting required to correct some less than ideal geometry in the afternoon. Meeting Maldon 8am or site from 8.30am.

One thought on “More Concrete Sleepers

  1. Just curious – those concrete sleepers don’t look like the Austrak Low Profile Concrete Sleepers that I see around Victoria. Are they Rocla sleepers?


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