More concretes

Another 59 concrete sleepers installed today, along with a tamp and ballast scrape it’s looking very snazzy.

After the last sleeper was in, the ballast was scraped up ready for tamping.

It all went very well until the tamper blew a hose. But not to worry, the hydraulic supplies in Castlemaine sorted us out nice and quickly with a new one.

The job looks quite impressive.

Despite all this the gang also removed the dog spikes past sawmill road ready for next week, only the screws to go now.

Next week will be back here, aiming at around a similar number or possibly a few more weather depending.

3 thoughts on “More concretes

  1. Hi Craig, we side inserted the sleepers but we have done it properly by lifting the track 50mm before we started – to take account of the thicker (timber replacement) sleepers. This avoids the need to dig down into the ballast and road-bed. John Shaw – Civil Manager


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