Concrete Sleepers

Despite the heat and wind the gang achieved an extremely impressive 85 concrete sleepers installed into tangent 8-9.

It was done in the usual fashion, however testing out our new grabs!

They worked very well and it is likely they will speed up the operation greatly.

We still made use of the scarifier to speed things up even more so.

John, Clive and Mal hard at work clipping up.

We found in this section that pushing out the gauge was not required, which made the job a bit easier.

We gave up just after lunch once the wind came up and bush fire risk became too great (thankfully nothing we do during this particular job could cause a fire, but we carry large volumes of water and fire extinguishers just in case).

Another great effort from our hard working gang.

We’ll be back into it tomorrow, with another 80 odd ready to go in, this time in much more plesant weather.

Meeting Maldon 8am or site from 8.30.

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