Bridge straightening

Three things were tended to today.

The first was patching holes in the decking of Muckleford Creek Bridge. It’s a terrible job, lots of manual digging of ballast and the like but unfortunately essential to maintain a good track.

We aquired lots dual gauge sleeper plates from Bandiana, we have no use for them, except for patching holes in bridge decks.

All thrown up onto the bridge ready for installing.

The second task was the straightening, track rather than bridge as it’s much easier to move. This was focused on the UP end to complement the work done previously on the DOWN end. Even using a stringline just to ensure perfection!

As the rail heads are well worn, the spike holes in the sleeper plates are often a better guide for this work.

And by days end it was looking very snazzy! With the crew taking one last look over their hard work.

A bit more to finish off next week and then we can tick this job off the list.

The other job for today was mowing the long trackside grass around Castlemaine, before the mower decided it had had enough for the day, simple fix but this should all be done by Monday.

Tomorrow will be in at Castlemaine, doing lots of odd jobs. Meeting Maldon 8am or site from 8.30am

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