Day 3

Before we’d even started we’d tied up Bazz!

The main focus of the day was fastening up the sleepers. While we were waiting for all the crew to arrive another 50 were inserted, leaving only 44 for tomorrow.

The V crossing was also spiked up, check rail corrected and a few test trains run – all is good.

A lot of using the jackhammer manually (carrying it) is required in this job, not a lot of fun.

But thankfully we have use of the loco and flat wagon, making access much easier.

John and Bruce joined us today, doing most of the heavy lifting and spike driving.

We sent Bazz up as driver at the end of the day… Which went well until he discovered the sanding lever

And with only this one sleeper requiring spiking out of about 15, he managed to drop a very decent pile right where we needed to work, thanks Bazz!

We did have a very successful day. We’re now over half way with the spiking, but we’ll still have a full day tomorrow, at the least.

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