More Coal Creek

Today’s focus was on correcting the V crossing and inserting sleepers.

The V crossing in 60lb trackwork is riveted to a large steel plate for added strength and support. This plate (seen upside down here) had developed some serious cracks, resulting in the nose of the crossing becoming detached.

The whole crossing was removed, cracks welded and new bolts installed to hold the crossing in place. It’s looking pretty snazzy. Tomorrow’s job is to correct the check rail gap to ensure wheels can’t derail and tie it all down.

While that was going on, the excavator was busy inserting sleepers. About 110 have been inserted now, with 30 odd drilled one side and spikes started. The timbers being used are H4 treated 200×100 Treated Pine. Light weight but just as fiddly and almost identical time required as full sized sleepers.

Tomorrow will see the rest inserted and should see a big start made on spiking up.

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