Civil Saturday

Well the first Civil Saturday (on the 7th September) was a resounding success.

There was only a small crew of two but the achievements were quite impressive.

All the active signal pulleys, point rodding and associated cranks etc in Castlemaine Yard were thoroughly oiled, inspected and many issues found were attended to and corrected.

Signalman have been complaining for some time that one of turnouts has intermittently been stiff to operate, this was found to be a whole collaboration of small issues along the rodding, all of which are now fixed with a very noticeable improvement.

Turnouts were adjusted, rubbish build up in the wrong places was removed, as well as knocking off an enormous number of those little jobs that the weekday gangs just don’t get time to do.

Even a broken signal wire at Muckleford was fixed, its cause identified and also remedied.

Resulting in a long day for the small gang of Trevor and Rolf, but one with a very valuable outcome.

If you’re interested and available to join our Saturday crew, you’d be most welcome and the railway would greatly appreciate the assistance. The next Civil Saturday will be the 21st of Sept.

Check out the civil blog in the days before for details.

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