Busy day

On what can only be described as the busiest Friday we’ve had for a long time, we seemed to achieve an enormous amount!

It all began with some tidying up from the day before’s re-railing. Then installing anchors before taking the Y class to Muckleford.

Once there we dragged all the rolling stock out of 3rd to allow access to the rail stacks. All the required slightly shorter lengths were plucked from their stacks and brought down to the preparation area to be drilled or cut as required.

Meanwhile the team were busy cutting the rails that missed out last week when the saw broken down. There’s still a few to go as rain interrupted proceedings.

After lunch was dropping out 216 concrete sleepers near Sawmill Rd, ready for the next section.

A trip back to Muckleford to collect the prepared rails followed, with those rails then dropped out at tangent 20-21. Now allowing the UP leg to be completed.

The late aftenoon was spent loading our Ballast Wagon (first of 3) which has been off the railway for many years. We need these badly for our upcoming ballasting of the whole line. It’s good to finally have the first back on the railway, with the others to follow in the next few weeks.

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