Concrete Sleepers

Another successful day, with 103 concrete sleepers inserted into tangent 11-12.

Unfortunately a burst hydraulic hose on the tamper slower down the process this morning, but a new hose by morning tea had us back into action.

As we’re now into the 1 in 40 gradient and it’s always easiest to work downhill, we started from the end of curve 11, working back towards curve 12.

It was all done in the usual process, lifting 50mm, remove the timber, scarify, insert concrete and tamp up.

Due to the setback with the hose, no clipping up occurred today but all the jewellery is out, with one side having it’s biscuit’s positioned and clips started ready for first thing tomorrow.

However all the sleeper changing only required two people, so the rest of the gang soldiered onwards to the next section, tangent 10-11.

All the sleepers with paint had their spikes or screws removed.

Unfortunately the pattern for re-sleepering did coincide badly with the anchoring, so a large number of anchors were moved. We’ll make sure we pick a more appropriate pattern on future works.

Despite the task, the gang managed to complete all 223 sleepers worth of fastening removal and a similar number of anchors were shuffled, all by afternoon tea, an excellent effort.

Tomorrow’s gang will be clipping up and finishing off the 103 concretes installed today. Leaving hopefully some time in the afternoon for other activities.

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