Finishing off and rail drop

By morning tea the 103rd sleeper was clipped up. An excellent effort. The UP leg was clipped up before a run along with the gauger as required to install the biscuit and clip on the down leg.

A pass through with the bucket to move ballast to where it was needed before a tamp left the job looking quite a lot smarter.

After a tamp most of the twists and wiggles pulled themselves out. After a few trains and in connection with the rest of the straight, we’ll give this another tamp to lift out any settling.

While this was going on, the gang moved around to the next straight to collect all the jewellery removed but not collected yesterday.

These activities only took us through to lunch.

So this afternoon, 21 more 80lb rails were dropped out at tangent 20-21.

The whole gang decided a train ride seemed like a nice way to end the week, however it meant our comfy chairs were back at Maldon, luckily a well wagon doubles nicely as a bench.

Another very successful week. Next week will be busy, with Monday being a big load up point timbers day, Tuesday will be a special train to Castlemaine to drop them off in readiness for turnout building. Thursday and Friday will most likely be installing the 80lb rails dropped out today, however until the weather forecast firms up, that is still to be confirmed.

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