Newport – job done

It’s been a long and very busy couple of days.

With 4a & b roads dogged up, 5 road re-sleepering completed. Then the almighty clean up!

Lots of scraping ballast brought the site looking quite reasonable once again.

Bazz looks on after the last sleeper was installed into 5 road.

The crossover section between 5 and 5a was also reconditioned.

By the end of today all the timber had been stacked onto the loco light up pile with all the worksites tidied up and looking very respectable.

It’s been a massive job, with over 30 point timbers, close to 200 sleepers and an enormous amount of work for each and every one… All in only 8 days!

A big thank you to all of our hard working gang for the long hours and dedication, we couldn’t do any of these vital jobs that help to support our own railway.

After a massive few weeks, we’re taking a break next week. All the usual gangs will be running again in a fortnight.

2 thoughts on “Newport – job done

    1. They’ll last many years in a yard with dirt ballast, many of the replacement were those of an age 25+ years which is perfectly sufficient. The main reason being the very low speeds and therefore relatively small job they need to do. The cost of removing all that dirt and replacing with ballast is just not worth the small benefit it would give.


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