Back into it

After a short break the gang is back into the swing, with rails being today’s task.

Primarily the task was to drop out more 80lb rail, however we used the same opportunity to collect another 60 odd lengths of the already disassembled 60lb rail from curve 20.

A task which took no time with our mighty digger.

The drop out zone for the 80lb was tangent 20-21, starting at Bendigo Rd and running towards Castlemaine. 33 rails were dropped out to begin the works along the UP leg (the down leg being the previous re-railing job).

We still needed to collect some jewellery from last time and scrape some rock before we could drop the rails.

The plan, weather permitting (it’s finally looking like rain!) is to prepare as much of this as possible Thursday (bolting together and material drop out etc…) and maybe even make a start if the rains don’t eventuate.

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