Today saw a lot accomplished, with 6 road almost completed, only a final tamp of a few sleepers needed and a final scrap to tidy up the ballast.

Turnout 20 was also finished off, with lots of attention paid to the joints and potential trouble spots.

Road 4b was next with around 40 sleepers pulled and inserted. We have even spiked them all on one side ready for gauging tomorrow. 4b has certainly proved to be the worst section of the yard, after tomorrow the whole yard should be quite respectable. While 4a however only required 4 replacements!

The big down side of yards is the vast amount of dirt (ballast) that needs moving to do any work. Poor Clive had to shift quite a bit by hand just to get the spike driver through.

Another stunning day’s work by the gang, putting us well on track for our Thursday finish. Any extra hands would still be welcomed on our last two days.

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