Newport continues

It’s a new week and we’re back into the jobs at Newport with a vengeance.

Turnout 20 (an old 60lb turnout) was our victim today, with lots of obstacles needing avoiding, it was fairly slow going, but all the new timber is now under.

It’s never easy or quick work in a yard, but some of the older areas of Newport are particularly bad for access, all part of the fun though.

6 Road was the other recipient of today’s attention. With 30 sleepers installed on Friday spiked up and a further 15 unspiked and trenches dug ready for their removal first thing tomorrow.

We’ve still got a bit to go and only 3 days left now, so it would be great to get any extra hands on site, we’re looking pretty good for tomorrow but Wednesday / Thursday is looking quite lonely, if you happen to be able to spare even just a few hours we’d really appreciate it.

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