The gang joined us down at sunny Newport today, for what can only be described as a pretty massive effort!

Lots of gauging and driving dog spikes, first into sleepers and then onto point timbers during the afternoon.

As we were working in sidings, we’d periodically need to shunt the rolling stock out of the way, giving the gang a well earned breather.

It’s nice to feel at home sometimes, so steamrail thought they’d do what they could and had a K class in steam trundling around.

Today’s highlight was easily lunch time…. John discovered his hard boiled egg had missed it’s turn in the saucepan. He had to resort to sandwiches after he made a good mess cracking his raw egg all over his lunch box!

Lots of bolt tightening was also undertaken, another good use for the new electric rattle gun.

We inserted around 20 point timbers today, not a bad effort at all considering the cramped and awkward locations, over half have been spiked up.

Apart from one burst hydraulic hose, the job is progressing nicely.

We’re even giving the truck a holiday, by storing it under cover.

We’ll be back tomorrow, with mainly sleepers to go now.

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