Castlemaine Yard

With the impending arrival of ‘The Royal Train’ (check out for details) we have brought forward out next round of sleepers required in Castlemaine Yard.

Only 27 were needed and none were critical, however it’ll ensure we don’t need to divert our busy gang from its other tasks while hosting the visiting train over the next few months.

It was all just done in the usual way, but being a bit more fiddly than usual due to all the things that get in the way in yards! The scarifier was used in most locations, with the digger handling those that it couldn’t.

We even had to do some delicate hand digging for some timbers near the signal box, interlaced with all the point rodding and signal cables.

All of which went perfectly to plan.

We only have available 2nd hand timber, some of which won’t see all that many years, however it will tide us over comfortably until we can find the time to do a more thorough rebuilt / referb of the yard as our use of it grows.

It was a very successful day, with all 27 replaced and all the tidying up completed.

We had thought it might take us into tomorrow, however we’re now going to distribute concrete sleepers, ready for next week. Meeting Maldon at 8am or curve 8 (near boundary track crossing) from about 8.30am.

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