Muckleford Yard

Only 16 sleepers replaced in Muckleford yard today. A pretty good effort for our little crew.

Most of them were in the UP end of 1 road, just replacing life expired. It’s the first time we’ve done timber in a while and it’s seems like ridiculously hard work compared with the concrete! However we didn’t have enough people to bring all our kit down so we did some of it the hard way.

Most of what we removed came out in kit form… So well and truly due, however all surrounding timber is in very good condition which is nice.

Some final tamping in a week or two once it’s settled a little will see this end of the yard as good as new! We might even get the wiggle through the dock road turnout out if we get time (there’s no rush, it’s only been like that for almost 25 years).

Next week will be the same but in Castlemaine yard, nothing is urgent in there but while we’ve got the gear on the trucks it’s a good time to do another few.

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