Another record was set today, with 22 80lb rails installed completely in just one day.

Being close to the depot meant everything was well underway by 8.30.

Clive and Mal undertook the task of spike removal. We even tested our new sledge hammers… The verdict is still out but we like the colour!

While Bruce and Rolf removed the remaining screws, some were removed Tuesday to speed things up.

Following closely behind was the digger, swapping the rail over.

Rocks and dirt being blown away before positioning the new rail.

It was quite cold this morning when we joined the strings of rail, as such a decent rail joint gap was needed, the thin end of a sleeper plate was ideal.

After lunch Tony, Rolf and Mal joined up to the remaining 60lb.

And by days end the hard slog had paid off! The job is complete. Some cleaning up is still needed and that will occur over the next few weeks. Another sensational effort from the gang.

Yesterday was another busy day for the gang, with a works train in the morning dropping out more concrete sleepers.

The afternoon was spent cleaning all the years of accumulated junk from the well wagons.

It’s amazing how much deeper the wells seem when not full of gunk (Riley’s sandwich was only there temporarily we hope).

While at Maldon we managed to talk one of our Young Volunteers, Riley, into giving all three wagons a quick paint to freshen them up. And what a difference even just one coat has made. Thanks Riley.

Tomorrow is concrete sleepering in Curve 10, we’re quite light on numbers so any extra hands would be appreciated. Meet Maldon 8am or on site from 8.45am.

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