Concrete Sleepers

Another 26 concrete sleepers were installed today into curve 10.

Unfortunately the day was plagued with breakdowns, our trusty old scarifier just wouldn’t start, we broke a bracket that connects one of the tamping tynes to the tamper and a rattle gun decided it didn’t want to play ball either!

Despite all that we still found ways to work around all the issues and have completely installed all 26 sleepers, only 19 left to go into this curve now.

We’ll be doing a mix of bridge work and the rest of these sleepers next week, so if you’ve got a free day any day next week please feel free to join us.


Some quick pics of Riley from the VGR’s Young Volunteers Group hard at work completing the painting on our QR wagon this afternoon.

The old faithful QB’s haven’t been forgotten either, the other will receive this attention next week.

The repaint and bit of TLC while at the workshop has made a world of difference to not only the appearance of this vital Civil Rolling Stock, but it helps demonstrate how we’re trying to maintain our equipment to ensure its around for many years of service.

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