Some more pics

As promised, some more pictures of today’s works. Courtesy of Rodney.

During the first pass of the tamper.

Trevor, Neville and Bruce look on while the tamper moves to the next sleeper.

While Rolf checks for level, an important factor especially where drainage is concerned.

The gang in position, ready to remove the jacks as the tamper works towards them.

Spreading the gravel, thankfully the digger was able to do all the heavy lifting here.

While the roadway was attended to, the drains were not forgotten, here receiving some attention to remove debris and unwanted ballast. You can see the end product of trackwork that was achieved, overall very desirable.

The high tech roadway compaction apparatus.

Some final trimming up before the last compaction run.

Don’t forget to read the previous posts to get the full story on this project.

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