The diesel is back

After a short hiatus, while in for some repairs and maintenance, the Y class diesel is back on deck. Unfortunately it means we won’t be in need of any more steam hauled works trains, but it does greatly improve the flexibility of getting materials to site.

Today was it’s test run, having only been completed several hours earlier. What better way to test it than to run a works train!

A wagon loaded with concrete sleepers for installation in curve 9 this coming Thursday and Friday was delivered to site. These will be unloaded and distributed tomorrow.

Following a few more preparations tomorrow we’ll be ready to go on Thursday. Again a new job in a new style so it should be very interesting.

One thought on “The diesel is back

  1. Missed your steam work trains! I believe AHRSACT when they had access to the Cooma line were using 1210 for work trains at one point, but it must be pretty rare around the world. What do driver and fireman do while waiting? Not like you can ‘turn them off’ and walk away.


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